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Confucius' birthday celebrated in Taiwan

[2011-09-28 11:00]

School children dressed as ancient Chinese scholars perform during a traditional ritual to celebrate Confucius' birthday at Taipei's Confucius Temple September 28, 2011.

Nanjing subway becomes a stage for opera

[2011-09-28 10:36]

Kunqu Opera actors and actresses talk with passengers about Kunqu Opera on a subway in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, on Sept 27, 2011. To promote Kunqu Opera, they are performing parts of three classical operas on the subway.

Schools provide a class act for success

[2011-09-28 07:50]

Both Ma and the school are a snapshot of education in Dongxiang. The county, with 284,000 residents - mostly Muslims - in Gansu province, is grappling to earn a "passport to progress" by prioritizing education.

Highway cracks after 1 month

[2011-09-28 07:31]

A construction crew had to repair a newly built section of highway in Northwest China after just a month because of deep cracks in its surface, authorities confirmed on Tuesday.

Two subway trains collide in Shanghai

[2011-09-27 16:55]

A subway train rear-ended another Tuesday afternoon in Shanghai, leaving more than 270 passengers, including four foreigners, injured.

SW China city breeds 12 pandas this year

[2011-09-27 15:20]

The 12 newly-born panda cubs rest in a ward at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, Southwest China’s Sichuan province, Sept 26, 2011.

The most beautiful teaching legacy

[2011-09-27 13:21]

Cao Zhao, 19, followed the career of his sister Cao Jin, a 22-year-old rural teacher of Wushan county who passed away on Aug 26 due to cancer.

Chinese Forbidden City exhibits open at Louvre

[2011-09-27 11:38]

About 130 artifacts from the Forbidden City, China's ancient imperial palace museum, started to greet the French public in the Louvre Museum on Monday in an exhibition that will run until Jan 9, 2012.

Boeing hands first 787 to ANA

[2011-09-27 11:29]

Boeing Co workers presented the company's first 787 Dreamliner in the pouring rain to All Nippon Airways on Monday, capping nearly a decade of development of the world's most advanced jetliner.

Getting a 'bang' with his toy

[2011-09-27 07:51]

Just outside a matchbox-shaped factory sits a camouflaged giant, a life-size Soviet era T-62 tank that attracts oohs and aahs when it moves and booms.

Rich realize value of giving for charity

[2011-09-27 07:50]

An audience of 6,000 was expected for the concert in Guizhou province, but more than 20,000 attended. The singer topping the bill was no rock star but 43-year-old businessman and high-profile philanthropist, Chen Guangbiao.

Development path 'must suit DPRK'

[2011-09-27 07:47]

China encouraged the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to follow a development path that best suits its situation and vowed to provide whatever help it was capable of, as Premier Wen Jiabao welcomed his Pyongyang counterpart on Monday at the start of a five-day visit.

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