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Health center a new model for reform

[2012-09-18 07:45]

The government-backed Beijing International Medical Center was launched on Monday, which senior health officials said would become a new model of medical reform to encourage social and foreign investments in the country's medical market.

Firms close on anniversary

[2012-09-18 02:38]

Many Japanese businesses will shut operations on Tuesday, the anniversary of Japan's invasion of Northeast China in 1931.
Shenyang city remembers horrors of 1931
Move to curb violence in anti-Japan protests

PLA units hone their battle skills

[2012-09-18 00:25]

The People's Liberation Army conducted a series of military drills over the past few weeks to fine-tune its capabilities of amphibious operations.

US Secretary of Defense visits Japan

[2012-09-17 10:29]

Panetta is on the first official stop of a three-nation tour to Japan, China and New Zealand.

Weekly Photos: Sept 10 - 16

[2012-09-17 10:12]

Weekly Photos: Sept 10 - 17

Raring to go after fishing ban

[2012-09-17 09:45]

After being moored for three-and-a-half months due to the annual fishing ban on the East China Sea, nearly 2,000 boats are ready to go on Sunday noon, at Shipu Fishing Port in Zhejiang province, one of the six major fi shing ports in China.

Anti-Japan demonstrators protest in New York City

[2012-09-17 09:17]

Anti-Japan demonstrators stand in front of the Japanese Consulate in New York on the morning of Sept 16, 2012. More than one thousand protestors from the Chinese community in New York shouted "Diaoyu Islands belong to China".

Economic woes hit Yangtze River cruise industry

[2012-09-17 07:56]

Luxury ships make bold bid to lure tourists back onto the water

Chinese Peasants' Games open in Nanyang

[2012-09-17 07:37]

Chinese Vice-Premier Hui Liangyu declared open the seventh National Peasants' Games here on Sunday, which was the first multi-sport gala China held after 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics.

Sites still hold dangers for construction crews

[2012-09-17 01:39]

Construction crews are still exposed to many dangers at work sites because the measures taken to protect them are insufficient.

UN to get shelf submission

[2012-09-17 01:22]

Beijing announced it will submit a partial submission concerning the outer limits of the continental shelf to the United Nations to defend its maritime sovereignty.China steps up vigilance at seaPatrol around Diaoyu Islands successful

Typhoon Sanba causes flood in Philippines

[2012-09-16 11:04]

Typhoon Sanba continues to gain strength over the Philippine Sea as it moves farther away from the Philippines.

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