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Chinese-American kids win roles in Oliver!

[2014-06-05 08:14]

The National Asian Artists Project (NAAP) has partnered with New York City Chinatown's Yung Wing (P.S. 124) Elementary school to help cast a production of the Broadway musical Oliver! on June 5-7.

Teaching Chinese children self-esteem through dance

[2014-06-05 06:52]

Liu Haidian, a 7-year-old from Anhui province, lives in a low-income area in the Minhang District, home to many of Shanghai's manufacturing plants. Her father works long days selling vegetables at an open market in Minhang, and Liu learned early on to help him on bartering with customers and counting change.

Times Square feat kicks-off summer of stunts

[2014-06-04 13:12]

Bello Nock, a seventh-generation circus performer, sits 27 feet above New York's Times Square, June 3, 2014 in an attempt to set a record for the longest continuous interview on a wire.

New Bay Bridge woes called 'maintenance'

[2014-06-04 09:09]

Speculation about the stability of the new San Francisco Bay Bridge has risen again, this time over the steel rods that anchor the $6.5 billion bridge's eastern span that connects San Francisco to Oakland.

China or US: Which offers a better life?

[2014-06-04 08:05]

China's booming economy is attracting more and more expats to live and work in the country. During their stay, they tend to compare their host country with their home country, which may help them learn more about the country and more quickly adapt to the new environment.

Students find Shanghai 'cooler' than New York City

[2014-06-04 06:07]

Julia Stein, a fifth grader who has been studying Chinese for five years at the Potomac Elementary School in Maryland, made her first trip to China in April.

Splash of joy

[2014-06-04 00:07]

Competitors douse other boats during a traditional race to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival at Aberdeen Harbour in Hong Kong on Monday.

Chinese, US publishers suffer from tech changes

[2014-06-03 11:22]

Chinese publishers, like their American peers, have suffered from the tech revolution.

The world in photos: May 26-June 1

[2014-06-03 11:02]

The world in photos: May 26-June 1

Taliban prisoner swap stirs debate in US

[2014-06-03 07:31]

The dramatic deal to free US army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five Taliban prisoners has stirred heated debate in Washington, with critics suggesting the released Afghan prisoners might simply rejoin the fight against US forces.

Alabama County looks to GD Copper for more jobs

[2014-06-03 07:04]

Wilcox County is one of Alabama's poorest communities, but now officials hope that a $100 million copper tubing plant built by a Chinese company will create new jobs in the area.

Minnesota, Mall of America want Chinese tourists

[2014-06-03 06:25]

Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York are among favorite spots for Chinese tourists to visit. Now Minnesota and the Mall of America — the largest mall in the United States — want to get on that list.

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