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Celebrities born in the Year of Rooster

[2017-01-06 06:06]

Jan 28 marks the start of the Year of Rooster, another Chinese Lunar New Year. People born in this year are believed to be adventurous, optimistic and honest and have pride in their inner self. Here are 10 celebrities and famous people born in China and abroad with the blessings of this zodiac animal.

TV series shows interrogation of corrupt officials

[2017-01-06 07:55]

TV series shows interrogation of corrupt officials

Skyscrapers soar above the clouds in Dubai

[2017-01-05 10:53]

The tops of skyscrapers captured in fog turn Dubai into a 'city of clouds'.  Photographer Bjoern Lauen, 37, took the pictures from rooftops in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Ten animations to understand Miyazaki's fairytale world

[2017-01-05 09:39]

The craftsman has produced many influential animations so far, most of them arousing heated discussion online, and China is no exception. On his 76th birthday, why not review his 10 most influential animations, as rated by Chinese fans on Douban Movie.

How high-speed rail transformed social landscape

[2017-01-05 08:14]

China's high-speed rail network has transformed the social and economic landscape of the country.

Chinese mark festival with 'eight treasure porridge'

[2017-01-05 11:39]

Chinese people mark festival with 'eight treasure porridge'

10 most popular colors find their way into Palace Museum

[2017-01-04 13:52]

Here are 10 cultural relics from the Palace Museum that bear the ten most popular colors for this year.

Year in Review: China's battle to save wildlife in 2016

[2017-01-04 06:50]

Here we look back at measures taken by China to protect our diverse and beautiful wildlife.

Six key areas to watch on China's economy 2017

[2017-01-04 13:53]

With the new year approaching, how will the economy fare in 2017? Here are six areas where experts call for close attention.

The world in photos: Dec 26 -Jan 1

[2017-01-03 10:22]

The world in photos: Dec 26 - Jan 1

Photos of newborn holding oxygen mask go viral

[2017-01-03 08:56]

A group of photo taken on Dec 31, 2015, have brought smiles to many faces as one of the photos shows a newborn baby holding a oxygen mask with his little fingers.

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