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China's 9th National Ethnic Games begin on Sept 10

[2011-09-10 22:55]

China's 9th National Ethnic Games begin on Sept 10, in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province.

Paper cranes for Teachers Day

[2011-09-10 09:03]

A classroom of a primary school in Fuyang, East China's Anhui province is decorated with paper cranes on Sept 9, 2011.

Figurines of Grandpa Rabbit

[2011-09-10 08:20]

Colorful clay figurines of Grandpa Rabbit, tu yeye, are traditional gifts during Mid-Autumn Festival, like this selection at a shop in Furong Street in Jinan, capital city of Shandong province.

Underwater Mid-Autumn Festival

[2011-09-09 19:14]

Performers dressed as mermaids use lanterns during an underwater performance to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival at Dong Hu Sea World in Wuhan city, Central China's Hubei province, Sept 9, 2011.

Unmanned helicopter used in police drill

[2011-09-09 13:59]

An unmanned helicopter is used in a police anti-hijacking drill, part of an anti-terrorism drill held by the public security bureau of Guilin, the capital of Southwest China’s Guizhou province, Sept 9, 2011.

A Mid-Autumn reunion in prison

[2011-09-09 09:45]

A prison in Zhengzhou organized family reunion meetings for the inmates before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Volunteers help Tibetan antelope hit the road

[2011-09-09 07:15]

'Fairies of plateau' get guidance for perilous journey, Cui Jia and Dachong report from Qinghai.

Fire breaks out in Shanghai chemical plant

[2011-09-09 07:07]

No casualties have been reported in a fire that broke out in a chemical industry zone in the outskirt of Shanghai late Thursday evening, sources with the Shanghai fire brigade said.

Slide: New York Fashion Week

[2011-09-09 07:01]

New York Fashion Week

Hockey world shocked by air crash tragedy

[2011-09-08 10:07]

The world of ice hockey was in shock and grief after suffering its "darkest day" when a plane carrying the Russian team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl crashed on Wednesday, killing 43 people and leaving just two survivors.

Drought leaves school with water shortage

[2011-09-08 10:00]

The lingering drought has left the school’s more than 800 students and teachers facing a water shortage, forcing the local authorities to assign a water wagon to transport water from a spring 15 kilometers away.

Danger all in a day's work for engineer

[2011-09-08 07:43]

Zhou Xun has had to be careful of unexploded bombs in dozens of Afghan villages.

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