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US diplomats face Iraq challenge as troops leave

[2011-12-19 07:51]

As the last US soldiers leave Iraq, the US State Department assumes the reins of a complex and risky operation.

Philippine typhoon kills 650

[2011-12-19 07:29]

Rescuers searched for more than 800 people missing in the southern Philippines on Sunday after flash floods and landslides killed over 650 people.

Typhoon kills more than 436 in S Philippines

[2011-12-18 09:52]

More than 400 people were killed and an unknown number were missing after a typhoon struck the southern Philippines.

Where the wild games are

[2011-12-18 09:08]

There were no fancy jerseys, no short-skirted cheerleaders for these athletes. But the competition was fierce, and so was the cultural pride - and that made Brazil's XI Indigenous Games one of the most watchable events of 2011.

Egypt's new govt faces tough test

[2011-12-18 07:47]

The Egyptian new government faces a tough test as fresh clashes between protesters and security forces in Cairo continued on Saturday.

New clash erupts in Cairo

[2011-12-17 08:07]

At least two people were killed and 222 others injured in the latest clashes between protestors and security forces Friday in Cairo, said the Egyptian health ministry.

Fast-track school bus right of way

[2011-12-17 07:56]

School buses will not have to wait for a draft law to be ratified that proposes giving them the right of way in traffic before they are given the privilege.

World's shortest living woman

[2011-12-17 07:24]

The Guinness World Records adjudicator Rob Molloy (R) speaks with Jyoti Amge, the world's shortest living woman, on her 18th birthday in the central Indian city of Nagpur Dec 16, 2011.

Who's hot, who's not in China Sports (Dec 10-16)

[2011-12-16 16:24]

Who's hot, who's not in China Sports (Dec 10-16)

First taste of snow

[2011-12-16 15:04]

Hua'ao, a 4-year-old giant panda sticks out his tongue to catch snowflakes at a zoo in Yantai, East China's Shandong province, Dec 15, 2011.

Unmasking the power of Peking Opera

[2011-12-16 10:59]

Students wearing 100 masks depicting Peking Opera join forces to publicize the traditional Chinese culture in Liaocheng University, East China’s Shandong province, Dec 15, 2011.

Crazy English couple go to court

[2011-12-16 07:13]

The wife of the founder of Crazy English, is determined to divorce her husband and is fighting to get the properties she says she deserves from the marriage.

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