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At the crossroads

[2012-05-04 08:49]

Shrinking creative talent base a major concern for Chinese animation industry.

Traditional wedding ceremony in Xi'an

[2012-05-04 08:48]

More than 130 couples from across the country attend a traditional wedding ceremony in Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, on May 1. Details of the ceremony, such as wedding procedures and dresses, followed the ancient tradition of the Han people. [Wu Anbiao/for China Daily]

Pandas trained for harsh life out in the wild

[2012-05-04 07:13]

At 8 am on Thursday, keepers from the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in the Wolong Nature Reserve used fresh bamboo shoots to lure Cao Cao, a 10-year-old panda, and her male cub, Tao Tao, into separate cages.

China, US should promote peace in Asia-Pacific

[2012-05-03 12:13]

President Hu Jintao called on China and the United States to nourish friendship.

Whys and wherefores of who looks after baby

[2012-05-03 07:32]

Zuoyuezi, or "recuperating in the first month after giving birth", is a tradition for Chinese women.

Lack of guidelines threatens school meals

[2012-05-03 07:28]

A multibillion-yuan program aimed at providing free, nutritious meals for rural students could fail unless authorities give schools clear guidance on hygiene and spending.

Slide: Jetman lands safely in Rio de Janiero

[2012-05-03 06:33]

The Swiss aviator dropped from a helicopter and deployed the jet-powered carbon-kevlar "Jetwing" and uses his body to steer as he flew over the city before landing on Copacabana Beach.

South Africa, India to deepen business ties

[2012-05-03 06:13]

South African President Jacob Zuma called on Indian business to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

Talks to focus on Sino-US cooperation

[2012-05-03 04:20]

The China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue is an opportunity to learn how to cooperate with each other. US urged to loosen curbs on exports to China

Talks to focus on Sino-US cooperation

[2012-05-03 04:20]

The US is expected to continue to urge China to accelerate reforms of its State-owned financial sector.

China, Belgium vow to strengthen ties

[2012-05-03 03:52]

Chinese and Belgian leaders vowed to enhance cooperation especially in scientific research and trade.

Tornado hits village in SW China

[2012-05-02 13:47]

Tornado and hail hits Shuiwei village in Guizhou province on April 28, affecting 1,152 people.

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