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Your city in the shape of tiny round planet

[2015-03-25 16:05]

Some of the worlds most iconic cities have been photographed as you've never seen them before in the shape of tiny round planets.

Families mourn victims of Airbus A320 crash

[2015-03-25 04:45]

Family members of passengers killed in Germanwings plane crash react at Barcelona's El Prat airport March 24, 2015.

38,000 Brazilian troops to safeguard 2016 Rio Olympics

[2015-03-25 10:16]

Some 38,000 Brazilian military troops will ensure security during the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Defense Ministry announced Tuesday.

Chinese investors well received

[2015-03-25 06:17]

For the 150 investors from China attending a major investment forum sponsored by the US government, there was a keynote speech by US President Obama and the exposure to high-level US officials continued at an evening reception in Washington.

Top 9 cities in China with highest cost of living

[2015-03-25 07:40]

Living costs in second-tier Chinese cities are climbing despite Beijing and Shanghai seeing expenses fall.

Would you take a challenge for charity?

[2015-03-25 07:38]

Chen Guangbiao, a Chinese billionaire and philanthropist, was recently exposed for using warm water for his high-profile Ice Bucket Challenge, a campaign to raise money to fight Lou Gehrig’s disease. The campaign involves participants pouring buckets of ice water over themselves on camera. Would you take a challenge for charity? Share your views on our website.

Snow blankets Chicago after spring storm

[2015-03-24 10:09]

A person walks along the street past snow-covered tress during a spring snow storm in Chicago, Illinois, March 23, 2015.

Haze descends on Paris

[2015-03-24 10:11]

This photo shows the Eiffel tower and Paris' roofs through a haze of pollution on March 23, 2015 in Paris, France.

Tokyo's plans to build new US base possibly scuppered

[2015-03-24 09:53]

The local government in Japan's southernmost prefecture of Okinawa on Monday instructed the Defense Ministry to suspend its underwater reclamation operations for the planned construction of a new US military base in a coastal region of the island.

Conversation topics only heard in China

[2015-03-24 09:31]

How people communicate is the best method to get a flavor of every country's distinctive culture and customs. Our foreign readers list some of the topics they hear most about in China.

Zhejiang villager creates a world of clay

[2015-03-24 11:42]

The villager enjoys working with clay and has made many statues and sculptures.

Dramatic changes for Chinese miners in the last 30 years

[2015-03-23 06:27]

In the last thirty years, conditions for Chinese miners have greatly improved, from work safety, working conditions to leisure, as younger, better-educated miners enter the mines.

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