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33 dead, 121 injured in explosion at Mexican Pemex

[2013-02-03 13:42]

Mexican and American experts carried out the research on reasons of the powerful explosion at the building E-B2 of the headquarters of Mexican oil giant Pemex.

Menswear the wolf in the pack

[2013-02-03 09:22]

Chinese men's fashion doesn't stretch much beyond the Mao jacket or Zhongshan suit in the world's eyes. But for the past 15 years, since his time as an art student, Liu Yiqun has been tailoring ways to change that image.

Traditional teaching tenet

[2013-02-03 09:13]

A school teaching Chinese in Beijing has adopted Mozi's philosophy. Zhang Lei investigates and finds that virtue and hard work are an aid to learning Mandarin.

Face off

[2013-02-03 08:29]

A more than 20 hazy days, Beijing witnessed clear blue skies over the last two days, to the relief of every resident in the capital city. Many took advantage of the wonderful weather to go outdoors or to do their last-minute Lunar New Year shopping. Murky skies had dominated central and eastern China since the beginning of the year. Some reports say January brought the most hazy days in Beijing since 1954. The thick smog and polluted atmosphere have triggered heated discussions about preventive measures, by both individuals and the government. The poor visibility has prompted flight cancellations, while air purifiers and face masks have been flying off the shelves like hotcakes. Residents have been advised to stay indoors. But some brave souls continue to be outdoors, using face masks not only as a protective device but a fashion statement. Enjoy the images as we look forward to cleaner air and clearer skies in the days to come.

Going home or going away?

[2013-02-03 08:11]

Not everyone will celebrate Spring Festival the traditional way. Modernization and urbanization have changed how some young Chinese think about this family holiday.

Death toll rises to 14 in NW China bus crash

[2013-02-02 11:18]

Rescuers have recovered six more bodies from the scene of a bus accident in Northwest China's Gansu province, bringing the death toll to 14.

Hillary Clinton bids farewell to State Department

[2013-02-02 09:57]

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waves goodbye on her last day in office at the State Department in Washington, Feb 1, 2013.

Clearer picture

[2013-02-02 07:54]

Pictures of the Central TV Tower show the change in air quality in Beijing. On Jan 23 (left), the tower was virtually invisible, while on Friday (right), it stood out against a blue-sky backdrop. Beijing was enveloped in dense smog and haze for many days in January.

Empresses in the Palace may be set to bring Asian magic to US

[2013-02-02 07:47]

Wysteria Lane, the fictional setting of the US TV series Desperate Housewives, may have some competition from some more ancient surroundings - or at least that's the plan.

Fireworks truck explodes, killing 9

[2013-02-02 03:39]

At least 9 people died and 11 others were injured after a truck loaded with fireworks exploded and caused part of a highway bridge to collapse in Henan province.

Blue skies return to central, eastern China

[2013-02-01 16:31]

With the long-awaited blue skies back to central and eastern China, a sharp temperature drop will be the side effect.

A shares tipped to 'rebound'

[2013-02-01 10:03]

Despite a stock market rally in China, there is still some way to go in revaluation that could take prices to even higher levels in 2013.

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