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Cameron shows table tennis skills in China

[2013-12-05 08:16]

Visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron joins a table tennis game with pupils of Longjianglu Primary School in Chengdu, captital city of Southwest China's Sichuan province December 4, 2013.

Deck the White House halls

[2013-12-05 08:05]

US first lady Michelle Obama reacts as two year old Ashtyn Gardner from Mobile, Alabama, trips over another child's walker after meeting Obama's new dog Sunny at the unveiling of the decorations at the White House in Washington, December 4, 2013.

China puts simulation models moon rover on market

[2013-12-05 03:44]

Simulation models of China's first moon rover, "Jade Rabbit," were put on the market Wednesday to commemorate the successful launch of the Chang'e-3 lunar probe.

Debate over accident shows 'crisis of trust', experts say

[2013-12-05 02:52]

A "crisis of trust" fueled a discussion over now-disproved reports that a Chinese woman intentionally threw herself in front of a foreigner's motorbike to extort money, experts say.

Tourism not affected, says Thai envoy

[2013-12-05 01:30]

As Thai people at home and abroad prepare to celebrate the 86th birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Thursday, clashes between anti-government protesters and Bangkok police diminished.

Cities struggling to enforce bans on smoking in public

[2013-12-05 00:34]

As China eyes a national ban on smoking in public indoor areas, health and law experts say regional anti-smoking regulations lack the teeth to protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke.

Antarctica at last

[2013-12-04 14:52]

Fifteen members from China's 30th Antarctic expedition team arrive at China's Zhongshan Station at the South Pole on Dec 3, after a 27-day journey of 13,612 km in the icebreaker Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, and three days of ice-breaking efforts.

Cameron posts selfie with Jack Ma

[2013-12-04 08:11]

Visiting UK Prime Minister David Cameron posts selfie with Jack Ma on Twitter.

Caregiver,72, becomes husband and father

[2013-12-04 07:55]

A photo of 27-year-old Zhang Feng and her 72-year-old husband Wen Changlin with their 100-day-old son is pictured at their home in Nantianping Village, Ningxiang County in Changsha city of Central China's Hunan province, December 2, 2013.

Virgin Money challenge expedition

[2013-12-04 07:22]

Chris Downey of Team Commonwealth treks on the first day of the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge 2013 expedition in Antarctica December 1, 2013.

Cities team up to spur inbound tourism

[2013-12-04 01:10]

Cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou formed an alliance on Tuesday to cope with declining inbound tourism across the country.

135 peacekeepers depart for Mali

[2013-12-04 01:06]

A 135-strong peacekeeping troop left for Mali, in the first time China's army has sent security forces as part of a peacekeeping mission.

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