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History under a new light

[2013-11-01 00:51]

A trilogy of historical drama presents situations seemingly remote from our daily lives but with haunting resonance.

Two firms to debut in US at higher prices

[2013-11-01 00:44]

Two Chinese Internet companies lifted their initial public offering price range on Thursday, hours ahead of their debut on the United States stock market.

Women fight to become China's next oceanauts

[2013-11-01 00:05]

Three women will vie for two spots on China's team of oceanauts that will serve in the deep-diving submersible Jiaolong, the China National Deep Sea Center announced on Thursday.

Kung fu master becomes hit online

[2013-10-31 10:09]

Fu Chunfu, a kung fu master, has become a hit online with photos of his kongfu practices on trees spreading on social networks.

Brussels visit heralds closer trade ties for EU and China

[2013-10-31 00:55]

With Vice-Premier Ma Kai, the highest official from Beijing to visit Brussels so far this year, concluding his trip at the European Union headquarters last week, China and the EU have started to iron out their differences and bring their strategic partnership to a higher level.

Halloween gaining popularity but still sees cultural differences

[2013-10-30 23:55]

Halloween has gained increasing popularity among China's youngest generation, with many kindergartens holding Halloween parties, but complaints from parents and crying children are also being heard.

Color-blind love

[2013-10-30 23:40]

Marrying someone from another race can launch couples into a lifetime of discovery and compromise, Xu Jingxi reports in Guangzhou.

Lenovo's new secret weapon: Hollywood star

[2013-10-30 23:27]

Meet Lenovo Group Ltd's newest employee: American sitcom sensation Ashton Kutcher.

Halloween beverage offers vampire experience

[2013-10-30 14:32]

A special Halloween beverage called “plasma drink” is available in Nanjing, capital of East China’s Jiangsu province. It’s a mixed drink consisting of red grape juice, blueberry juice and other beverages, and comes in medical bags with infusion tubes. A variety of flavors labeled with different blood types are available.

US embassy accused as 'spy hub'

[2013-10-30 10:59]

German magazine Der Spiegel reported that Washington tapped Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone from the US embassy in Berlin.

Lenovo launches new Yoga tablet

[2013-10-30 10:35]

The Yoga tablet debuted Tuesday in New York and Los Angeles after Lenovo's new ad campaign teased potential customers with the product last week.
Lenovo outperforms market
Lenovo hires star who played Jobs

Beautiful food

[2013-10-30 07:55]

Audience members take photos of exquisitely prepared dishes at a food festival in Zhengzhou, Henan province, on Oct 29.

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