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Lily Qi: Leading like a true American

[2014-08-08 12:47]

A few days after their state's primary elections, Chinese-American community leaders in Maryland woke up to an email in their inboxes.

Navy crews from China, US compete in matches

[2014-08-08 08:16]

Sports diplomacy has become a signature dish on the military-to-military menu of China and the United States.

Will Chinese tourists 'heart' New York too?

[2014-08-08 07:27]

It's no secret that investment by Chinese businesses in New York has helped both Chinese and US businesses flourish. Now China Southern Airlines and "I Love New York" — New York State's tourism agency — have partnered up to promote global tourism in New York State. And it should be another shot in the arm for New York's economy.

Mobile gamer iDream Sky raises $115m in IPO

[2014-08-07 23:29]

Chinese mobile game publisher iDreamSky lists on the Nasdaq in New York on Thursday. The company raised $115.5 million in its initial public offering.

Chinese cadets' numbers rise in US military academies

[2014-08-07 11:01]

For China-born William Wang, who just graduated from West Point, serving in the military is a way of showing his interest in "the prosperity of this nation".

US funded Chinese fashion website targets a new customer segment

[2014-08-07 04:52]

Backed by US funding, an online fashion website in China aims to tap into a younger generation of consumers who shopping online for clothing, accessories and jewelry.

'Dr Tea' takes on the US

[2014-08-07 04:40]

Michael Zhang has five degrees in mathematics, chemistry, materials physics and nanotechnology. His PhD is in nanomedicinal engineering with a focus on cancer treatment.

China Southern launches Guangzhou-New York service

[2014-08-06 23:00]

China Southern Airlines launched its direct roundtrip service between Guangzhou and New York today, connecting the southern hub of China to the US for the first time as more Chinese airlines continue to cater to a growing number of international fliers.

NYC spurs small business

[2014-08-06 07:50]

One out of three people in New York City are immigrants and they generate $215 billion in the local economy every year, but more can be done to help small businesses thrive in the city, government officials said.

US-Africa summit starts with development fora

[2014-08-06 07:20]

The United States on Monday kicked off its first ever summit with 50 African leaders with a series of fora on more traditional development issues like food security, and a meeting on the worsening Ebola epidemic that has cast a shadow over the three-day event.

Two double-decker buses collide in New York

[2014-08-06 05:51]

More than a dozen people were injured Tuesday when a double-decker tour bus struck a pole and another one at the intersection of 47th St. and Seventh Ave. in Times Square, witnesses and officials said.

Life in quake-hit areas of Southwest China

[2014-08-05 15:38]

Villagers put up tents along the roadside in quake-hit Xinping Village of Qiaojia County, Southwest China's Yunnan Province, Aug. 4, 2014. Sunday’s 6.5-magnitude earthquake cost at least 398 lives and dislocated nearly 300,000 people. More than 79,800 houses were toppled and 124,000 seriously damaged in the quake zone.

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