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An accidental style

[2012-05-13 08:00]

He had dropped a clay sculpture he had almost completed, and that accident changed his artistic direction forever.

Obama honors top US police officers

[2012-05-13 07:35]

Obama honored the nation's top police officers for their sacrifice at a ceremony held at the White House.

Grassroots confluence

[2012-05-13 05:36]

One is a veteran stage performer, and the other a ceramics artist. And, when they finally meet, they create enough kinetics to spark the creation of a brand-new art genre.

Rebirth of happiness

[2012-05-12 20:29]

Zhu Rongchang and his wife, Ma Dairong, lost their only daughter during the devastating earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan province, May 12, 2008, but now the family has regained hope and prosperity since Ma gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.

Teacher loses legs for saving students

[2012-05-12 19:46]

A 29-year-old middle school teacher in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province was run over and lost both of her legs after pushing two students out of the way of an oncoming bus on Tuesday.

Disabled Afghan teenager dreams of Games

[2012-05-12 08:02]

Afghan teenager Malek Mohammad balances on his hands, readies his stumps, then dives perilously into the water. The 18-year-old, whose legs were blown off by a Soviet land mine, dreams of swimming for Afghanistan in the London Paralympics.

Catch me if you can

[2012-05-12 07:51]

Nurses from Taicang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine play with marine police officers in a matchmaking event in Jiangsu province on Friday.

Inmates get hugs from moms on special day

[2012-05-12 07:43]

This year's Mother's Day is a special one for 40 female prisoners in the women's prison in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality, who for the first time since their confinement were able to hug their mothers and see them face to face.

Sichuan holds drill on quake anniversary

[2012-05-12 03:53]

Sichuan province rehearsed dealing with disaster on Friday with a mock magnitude-8 earthquake along the Longmenshan fault zone at 1 pm.

Chinese vessels rescue ROK fishing boat

[2012-05-11 20:49]

The South Korean boat is trapped due to a malfunctioning engine.

S Korean students honor Confucius

[2012-05-11 19:26]

Seokjeon is a biannual ritual to consecrate Chinese philosopher Confucius and his disciples as supreme teachers.

Artists embrace Havana art festival

[2012-05-11 17:06]

The Havana Biennial, a major event for contemporary art, runs from May 11 to June 11 and attracts artists and curators from all over the world.

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