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Vice-President Xi signs 9 agreements in Chile

[2011-06-11 10:54]

Chinese and Chilean leaders have expressed their willingness to further tighten their already close relationship.

Gates: NATO alliance future could be 'dim, dismal'

[2011-06-11 09:38]

In a stern rebuke, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned that the future of the NATO military alliance is at risk because of European penny-pinching and distaste for front-line combat.

Slide: Off Road Festival in Hungary

[2011-06-11 09:09]

Hungarian youths wrestle in mud during the Off Road Festival in Somogybabod, 165 km (102 miles) southwest of Budapest June 10, 2011.

Floods kill 50; dozens remain missing

[2011-06-11 07:17]

A new round of rain and floods battered central China Thursday night and Friday, killing 50 people and leaving 40others missing in four drought-plagued provinces.

Meanings lost in translation

[2011-06-10 10:30]

A native English speaker from the United States, who gave his name only as Paul, shows the correct translation of a sign at a scenic spot in Qinhuangdao, North China's Hebei province, June 9, 2011. Paul, who teaches English in the city, was invited by local authorities to help correct translations on the streets that he found wrong or misleading.

Chilean river fed by volcano-heated water

[2011-06-10 09:11]

Steam rises from the Nilhue River, fed by unusually warm water from the hot flanks of an erupting volcano from the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanic chain, as a resident inspects the river water near Lago Ranco town June 9, 2011.

There's business in clowning around

[2011-06-09 19:07]

A clown company in Fuzhou provides upscale comical entertainment. Clowns also deliver personalized messages on a client's behalf, such as apologies or festival regards.

Solar flare erupts, creating spectacular images

[2011-06-09 16:19]

The sun is entering a more active phase due to peak in 2013 on a roughly 11-year sunspot cycle, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said.

Wildfire continues unabated in Eastern Arizona

[2011-06-09 14:27]

A wildfire that has been raging in Eastern Arizona since late last month continued its relentless advance on Wednesday, amid rolling power outages and reports of gasoline shortages, authorities said.

Gaokao battle concludes

[2011-06-09 10:50]

Students cheer after finishing gaokao, the national college entrance examination, at a school in Guiyang, the capital of Southwest China’s Guizhou province, June 8, 2011. A total of 9.33 million people sat the exam this year.

Swim with fish

[2011-06-09 09:08]

A tourist swims near corals at the Egyptian resort of Madinat Makadi near Hurgada June 8, 2011.

Disney's fury at Mickey scam

[2011-06-09 08:23]

Hollywood giant Disney will launch a probe into unlicensed performers dressing as its most famous characters to extort cash from tourists outside the Bird's Nest stadium.

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