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Kobe Bryant visits China for charity event

[2012-08-15 10:44]

US basketball star Kobe Bryant poses for photos with Chinese actress Xu Qing, who is holding up Bryant's gold medal won at the London Olympic Games, at a charity dinner held by the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation in Shanghai.

Historic palace site to be elevated

[2012-08-15 07:29]

A 600-year-old religious building in Central China will be raised 15 meters above ground by the end of the year to keep it from being inundated by a water project.

Astronauts wow Macao crowd

[2012-08-15 07:22]

The three astronauts who completed China's first manned space-docking mission in June shared their feelings with nearly 1,000 people, including representatives from Macao.

'Underwater Great Wall' submerges again

[2012-08-14 14:32]

Since July, the heavy rain has again raised the water level at the Panjiakou Reservoir to the highest it has been in ten years and the Great Wall again is submerged.

Valentine's Day gifts popular ahead of Qixi Festival

[2012-08-14 13:35]

As the Qixi Festival also known as Chinese Valentine's Day is drawing near, presents for loved ones are becoming popular in shops.

ROK-Japan dispute worries US

[2012-08-14 08:11]

Tensions between Seoul and Tokyo over the disputed islands continued, and the rift is prompting Washington to worry about the already shaky US-Japan-ROK trilateral collaboration.

Top theological institutes prepare Living Buddhas

[2012-08-14 08:04]

A new generation of Living Buddhas who are studying Tibetan Lamaism at top theological institutes are expected to become the eminent religious leaders of the future.

Soldiers of fortune target gold deposits

[2012-08-14 07:43]

More than 10,000 troops survey the nation in search of precious and nonferrous metals, such as copper, lead and zinc.

Youth has its say as new age dawns

[2012-08-14 03:11]

Chinese Olympians have been stars on and off the track at the London Games and have buried the image of reluctant heroes who perform feats of wonder but shy away from publicity.

In new role, Ryan faces Obama in Iowa

[2012-08-13 16:56]

Newly tapped Republican vice presidential contender Paul Ryan is facing off against President Barack Obama as the front lines in the battle for the White House shift to Iowa.

Olympic moments to remember

[2012-08-13 13:26]

Success is not always measured by gold. Tibetan Cheyang Sigya's obvious joy as she claims the bronze medal in the women's 20km walk was one such example, as was the synchronized swimmers claiming silver.

Pandas displaced by 2008 quake to return home

[2012-08-13 12:10]

Two giant pandas which were forced to leave their habitat by a devastating earthquake in 2008 will soon return home in late August.

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