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Xi calls for closer cooperation with Washington state

[2015-09-23 11:06]

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for closer cooperation between China and Washington State in a meeting with the governor, members of the state Senate and Assembly and the mayor of Seattle on Tuesday.

Fun stuff you can't miss about China-US exchanges

[2015-09-23 09:21]

In the past 36 years since China and the US established diplomatic ties the progress of relations from suspicion and testing to mutual trust and win-win cooperation is not only visible in movies but also in culture, education, politics and economy.

Who's who at the Sino-US CEOs roundtable

[2015-09-23 07:06]

Fifteen Chinese CEOs will join the US-China Business Roundtable today in Seattle, during President Xi Jinping's state visit to the US.

Top 10 favorite destinations of Chinese travelers in US

[2015-09-23 07:04]

In a report published this month, the agency listed 10 favorite destinations of Chinese tourists in the US.

Chinese president lands in Seattle, kicking off US state visit

[2015-09-23 06:38]

Chinese President Xi Jinping kicked off his first state visit to the United States in West Coast city Seattle on Tuesday, a landmark trip aimed at building up trust and stepping up cooperation between the world's two biggest economies.

Who accompanies President Xi on foreign visits?

[2015-09-22 15:51]

Ever wondered how large the entourage that accompanies the president on state visit is? Who are selected to accompany him? Who will ride on the same plane with Xi? Here are the answers to all your queries.

US buses drive with images of China's pandas

[2015-09-22 10:53]

70 metrobuses with images of six endangered animals of China: Giant Panda, Red Panda, Snub-Nosed Monkey, Tibetan Antelope, Crested Ibis and Red-Crown Crane, will travel around Northwest Washington and parts of Maryland and Virginia for five weeks since Monday.

From Iowa farm to White House: Xi's US visits

[2015-09-22 09:50]

President Xi's six visits to US

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