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Café offers more than just a cuppa

[2012-03-01 07:59]

Zhao Zhengjie and his wife Wu Yelan are leading a life that most young people might dream of.

Economy hit as Guam waits for US marines

[2012-03-01 07:59]

Dormitories lie empty at the Ukudu housing complex in northern Guam amid uncertainty over US plans to relocate marines from Japan to this nation.

Netizens rally to aid of captive seals

[2012-03-01 07:48]

Raising seals for the entertainment of customers in restaurants and hotels has sparked heated discussion.

Memory of explosion still haunting county

[2012-03-01 07:37]

As authorities announced the death toll of the chemical factory blast had risen to 17, many are struggling to face the aftermath.

Hearing ends without ruling over iPad name

[2012-03-01 07:29]

The latest hearing followed an initial ruling by the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court.

Europe tries to present case for its defense

[2012-03-01 07:02]

Continent struggles to make its voice heard as the US shifts focus to Asia.

Dancing on wheels

[2012-02-29 13:49]

Two times a week, a group of 42 dancers including 24 women with physical disabilities, mostly between the ages of 21 and 62, from the commonwealth organization of the Beijing Disabled Dance Team practice modern dance using wheelchairs since 2009.

Farm workforce withers as young people leave

[2012-02-29 08:20]

Lure of city lights draws youth away as parents remain to work the land.

Foodies drive gourmet market boom in S. Africa

[2012-02-29 08:09]

The former Cape Town biscuit factory, reworked into a shabby-chic urban setting, is just one of the gourmet markets that have popped up in South Africa.

Museum welcomes back a dear old 'guest'

[2012-02-29 08:02]

A nest of fossilized dinosaur eggs, estimated to be at least 65 million years old, was returned to China after being smuggled to the US.

Deadly explosion rips through plant

[2012-02-29 07:49]

A violent explosion in a chemical factory in North China's Hebei province on Tuesday morning killed at least 13 people and injured 43 others.

New cabs come to beat rush hour traffic

[2012-02-29 07:44]

Five hundred new cabs were put into service on Tuesday to help ease the heavy demand for taxis during rush hour in Guangzhou.

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