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Crippled Carnival cruise ship limps into Alabama

[2013-02-15 09:15]

Reeking of rotting food and sewage from overflowing toilets, a crippled cruise ship carrying more than 4,200 people was limping into Mobile, Alabama, on Thursday.

Millions on the move

[2013-02-15 00:26]

Returning home, an annual ritual for most Chinese people before Spring Festival, has become a torturous test of will and persistence.

Woman found dead at Pistorius home - police

[2013-02-14 16:48]

South African police said on Thursday a woman had been found dead at the Pretoria home of paralympic star Oscar Pistorius.

Obama urges Congress to act on agenda

[2013-02-14 11:21]

Obama called for support from a divided Congress on Tuesday for his ambitious plan to revive the economy, and for a long list of other priorities such as education, gun control, immigration reform, climate change and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Traditional New Year paintings still prove popular

[2013-02-14 10:38]

First made more than 500 years ago, the paintings represent expectations of a prosperous life.

Luxury car sales in overdrive

[2013-02-14 09:53]

French ultra-super sports brand Bugatti sold six sports cars in China in the first three quarters of 2012, a sales record for the brand.

Business loves Valentine's Day

[2013-02-14 09:22]

Concerns that Valentine's Day clashing with the Spring Festival holiday might hurt business have been allayed as retailers and restaurateurs report good turnover.

When West marries East

[2013-02-13 11:03]

Never mind the cultural differences, He Na reveals the secret to successful transnational marriages.

US Senate panel approves Hagel nomination

[2013-02-13 09:53]

A US Senate panel approved Chuck Hagel as President Barack Obama's new secretary of defense on Tuesday, setting the stage for a vote on his confirmation by the full Senate, possibly this week.

Great snakes!

[2013-02-13 09:21]

Some people have an irrational fear of the snake, yet the legends involving this zodiac animal includes a bittersweet tale of vows and hearts broken and love transcending disaster, Raymond Zhou tells us.

Apple and Samsung, frenemies for life

[2013-02-12 11:27]

It was the late Steve Jobs' worst nightmare.

Tibetans observe 'Year of Water Snake'

[2013-02-12 10:47]

Trashi Dondrup got up at 4 am on Monday for his shift as a security guard at the entrance way of Pargor, Lhasa's major commercial street which encircles Jokhang Temple.

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