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Top 10 most valuable global brands

[2016-03-18 07:02]

According to Brand Finance's ranking of the most valuable global brands in 2016, Apple Inc is once again at the top, though it was challenged strongly by Google (Alphabet).

These university canteen dishes will blow your mind

[2016-03-17 12:12]

Chinese are great at stir frying various dishes, including vegetables and rice. But when fruits become the heroes of the dishes, even an experienced gourmet chef can find it difficult to fire up the pot.

Eslite bookstore story reads like a page-turner

[2016-03-17 08:13]

Eslite has found a way to make profits in spite of being essentially a physical bookstore in the online era.

World's biggest computer and software fair kicks off in Germany

[2016-03-17 10:56]

Humanoid robot Pepper is seen at the IBM exhibition stand during the CeBIT trade fair, the world's biggest computer and software fair, in Hannover, Germany, March 13, 2016.

Aerial view of cole flower fields presents unique pastoral charm

[2016-03-16 16:26]

An aerial view of a cole flower field in Fenxiang township, Yichang city, Hubei province, March 15, 2016. Now that the whole country is basking in the warmer weather brought by spring, cole flowers in the small town are in full bloom, presenting a spectacular view filled with pastoral beauty.

Largest blue diamond to appear at auction

[2016-03-16 11:14]

The stone, which is the largest oval fancy vivid blue diamond ever to appear at auction, is expected to fetch between $30-35 million at the auction house's Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite auction in Hong Kong on April 5.

Journalists from around the world at Li's news conference

[2016-03-16 16:08]

Journalists from around the world at Li's news conference

Google's AlphaGo defeats Go grandmaster

[2016-03-16 08:40]

Google's Go-playing computer program AlphaGo on Tuesday ended a historic match of the ancient Chinese board game with Go grandmaster Lee Sedol of South Korea by taking a 4-1 lead with its fourth victory in the final match of the best-of-five series.

Emperor's seal set for auction in Hong Kong

[2016-03-16 11:23]

A seal bearing the inscription "Revere Heaven and Serve thy People", carved for the Kangxi Emperor, is introduced by Sotheby's Asia Deputy Chairman Nicholas Chow at a preview ahead of its April 6 auction in Hong Kong, China, March 14, 2016.

Scenery of blooming cherry and tea garden in Fujian

[2016-03-16 09:32]

Visitors walk on a road under cherry blossom surrounded by tea garden in Yongfu town of Zhangping city, Southeast China's Fujian province, March 15, 2016. Blooming cherry and fresh tea leaves there formed an attractive picture.

Infographics: All you need to know about Premier's press conference

[2016-03-15 08:49]

Infographics: All you need to know about Premier'ss press conference

Now and then photos of Shanghai Jiaotong University

[2016-03-15 07:35]

Jiaotong University, established in 1896, celebrates its 120th birthday on April 8.

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