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Two Chinese-American reps sworn in

[2015-01-15 12:29]

Senator Susan Lee and Delegate Clarence Lam, two Democrats, were sworn in to four-year terms in the state's 435th general assembly Wednesday afternoon in Maryland's State House in Annapolis

Kashgar's diversity of cultures

[2015-01-15 08:21]

We talk to people of different ethnicities and nationalities living in Kashgar allowing them to share their lives in the city.

Mental illness no handicap to Nanjing artists

[2015-01-15 06:49]

Xu Li (an alias), who suffers from autism-related mental impairment, poses with his work at Nanjing Tiancheng Art Center in Nanjing, capital of south China's Jiangsu province. The center is the first nonprofit organization subsidized by the government to help people with mental illness be accepted by society.

Beijing sees first winter snow amid heavy smog

[2015-01-14 16:35]

Beijing on Wednesday saw its first snow this winter while the city was enveloped by heavy smog.

Fancy sportscars premiere at Detroit auto show

[2015-01-14 14:17]

The North American International Auto Show begins this week in Detroit with media and industry previews. It opens to the public Jan 17.

Best wedding snaps in 2014

[2015-01-14 10:43]

Here is the look at some of the creative photographs voted as the world's best wedding snaps from the last year.

Looking hot in the cold

[2015-01-14 06:45]

The No Pants Subway Ride that swept western countries has inspired Chinese girls to create a "cooler" version. During a commercial promotion at a ski resort in Xuzhou city of East China's Jiangsu province on Tuesday, 20 models got their legs out.

Pregnant cow winched from well by crane

[2015-01-13 16:50]

Firefighters were called to rescue a cow after it had fallen in and had to use a crane to hoist it out.

Elderly swimmers see health benefits in freezing water

[2015-01-13 15:37]

Beijing's winter is cold in the eye-watering, cheek-tightening, nose-running sense of the word. Yet, every year dozens of senior residents brave the big freeze to strip off and swim in the icy waters of the city's lakes and outdoor pools. Here, a group of winter swimming enthusiasts, most of whom are elderly, stand at the half-frozen Houhai Lake with a temperature of around 2o Celsius, Jan 12.

Trending: Man straps 94 iPhones to his body

[2015-01-13 11:53]

trending across china

Lunar New Year tickets run hot in South Korea

[2015-01-13 11:31]

As in China, many people in South Korea have to queue overnight for train tickets released ahead of the Lunar New Year festival.

Girl uses nose to run online store

[2015-01-13 11:26]

Guo Xiangge operates a laptop at her home in Linyi county, Yuncheng city in North China's Shanxi province. Born with cerebral palsy, Guo can neither speak nor control her movements.

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