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US Senate approves Kerry as secretary of state

[2013-01-30 09:06]

John Kerry's nomination as US President Barack Obama's new secretary of state sailed through the US Senate on Tuesday.

'Joint effort' urged to clear the air

[2013-01-30 04:12]

Thick smog and haze shrouded large areas of China Tuesday for the fourth time this month, provoking heated discussions.PM 2.5 used in weather alert

China's first luxury cruise liner ready to make waves

[2013-01-30 04:12]

China's first luxury cruise liner, the Henna, left the southern resort island province of Hainan for her maiden voyage on Saturday, marking what experts say is a major breakthrough for the cruise industry.

NZ moves to restore trust

[2013-01-29 09:37]

Dairy giants have tried to restore confidence in their products after China's quality watchdog asked New Zealand authorities to hand in a detailed risk assessment report.

Rewards for diners who leave nothing

[2013-01-29 07:29]

Diners will receive rewards if they eat all their food in restaurants or take away their leftovers, as part of efforts to reduce food waste.

Clinton coy about political future

[2013-01-28 13:24]

Hillary Clinton sidestepped questions about whether she would run for president in 2016 in a CBS television interview done jointly with President Barack Obama, her rival in the 2008 race.

China's first luxury liner cruises into service

[2013-01-28 13:12]

Henna, the first passenger cruise liner from the Chinese mainland, begins its maiden voyage from Sanya in Hainan province to Halong Bay in Vietnam on Jan 26, 2013. Henna will return to Sanya on Jan 28.

Weekly Photos: Jan 21 - 27

[2013-01-28 10:50]

Weekly Photos: Jan 21 - 27

Apple iPhone fatigue bites Asia

[2013-01-28 10:46]

Apple Inc's iconic iPhone is losing some of its luster among Asia's well-heeled consumers in Singapore and Hong Kong, a victim of changing mobile habits and its own runaway success.

Sansha taking shape with projects

[2013-01-28 02:16]

Sansha authorities vowed to accelerate the construction of infrastructure and a series of projects that were expected to be finished this year.

Train tickets in short supply

[2013-01-28 02:03]

Transport authorities have taken contingency measures to ensure the smooth movement of people during the world's largest annual migration that started on Saturday, but train tickets are still hard to get because of the gap between supply and demand.

Smile, be happy

[2013-01-27 08:46]

Thailand is often called the "land of smiles", not only because of its natural beauty and historical riches, but also because of its friendly people and fascinating culture.

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