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NASA's last space shuttle blasts into history

[2011-07-09 07:57]

Atlantis and four astronauts thundered into orbit Friday on NASA's last space shuttle voyage, writing the final chapter in a 30-year story of dazzling triumphs, shattering tragedy and, ultimately, unfulfilled expectations.

South Sudan celebrates independence

[2011-07-09 07:24]

Southern Sudanese played drums, danced and sang the soon-to-be national anthem of the world's newest country early Saturday morning, after the clock struck midnight Friday.

Gravity-defying stunts at Belgium air show

[2011-07-08 17:42]

The Koksijde International Air Show 2011 is the largest air show in Europe this year.

Scorching weather hits

[2011-07-08 10:44]

July 7 marks the start of this year’s Slight Heat, one of 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, which means hot weather can be expected.

1 dead, 13 injured in Dutch stadium roof collapse

[2011-07-08 09:18]

The roof of a Dutch sports stadium partially collapsed during offseason construction work Thursday, killing one person and leaving 10 others hospitalized, some with severe injuries, a local mayor said.

A kiss of life for sex toys

[2011-07-08 08:10]

She is 27, works as an art designer, and browses online for sex products nearly every week. "I was curious about what the products can do and if they could really improve sex life."

Burned boy faces 10 yrs behind his mask: family

[2011-07-08 07:48]

A boy who suffered severe burns to his face and hands may have to spend the next 10 years or more in a full surgical mask, said his parents on Thursday.

Malaysia police free 30 children held hostage

[2011-07-08 06:51]

A general view of the kindergarten where children and teachers are held hostage in a neighbourhood in Muar in Malaysia's southern Johor state July 7, 2011. Malaysian police stormed a preschool Thursday to free 30 children and four teachers held hostage by a man armed with a hammer and a machete.

Snapshots: the world in 24 hours

[2011-07-07 15:46]

Snapshots: the world in 24 hours

All-seeing, all-reaching Goddess of Mercy on display

[2011-07-07 15:33]

A gilt bronze statue of Guanyin, known as the Goddess of Mercy, with 11 heads, 1,000 eyes and hands, is on display at Henan Museum, July 5, 2011. The "Holy Tibet-Treasures from Land Closest to the Sky" exhibit is open to the public in Zhengzhou, capital of Central China’s Henan province. Over 127 precious items are being shown in the exhibition, which will run for two months starting July 6.

Dancing to tune of the ancient Miao ethnic group

[2011-07-07 10:50]

Dancers of the Miao ethnic group in Jianhe county, Southwest China's Guizhou province, perform the Shuigu Dance during a local cultural festival on July 6, 2011.

Pyeongchang to host 2018 Winter Olympics

[2011-07-07 08:54]

After a decade of trying and two heartbreaking defeats, the South Korean city of Pyeongchang finally won the Olympic prize it has craved so deeply.

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