Lifting screenplay reviews an established regulation: official

Updated: 2013-07-19 13:18


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"Lifting the screenplay review indicates China's moderate opening-up efforts in the film sector was effective and successful," said Yin Hong, a professor with the Film and TV Communications Center of Tsinghua University.

He added that the country's film-producing environment has turned out to be more liberal over the past decade, adding that it is unrealistic to scrap film reviews and approvals as it will make it difficult to regulate the industry.

Canceling screenplay reviews and approvals of general films, together with 20 items on radio plays, publications and movies that used to require government approval have also been eliminated, according to Wednesday's circular.

Rao Shuguang, deputy director of the Beijing-based China Film Art Research Center, said the elimination is positive as it showed "China's review and approval system is transforming from rule of man to rule of law."

Rao added that China is in the process of opening its film market and will accept productions with topics relating to sex or violence.

Yin Hong also proposed the setting up of a film review committee, consisting of members from all areas of society to ensure independence of reviews and approvals.

"The review standards should be stabilized and the review results should come into legal effect," Yin added.

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