China sends leading patrol ship to E China Sea

Updated: 2011-12-14 05:26


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SHANGHAI - China on Tuesday sent its largest patrol ship to the East China Sea for its maiden voyage in a bid to guard the country's territorial rights and marine interests there.

China sends leading patrol ship to E China Sea

The 3,000-ton-class Haijian 50 sails on Yangtze River in East China during its maiden voyage, Dec 13, 2011. [Photo/Xinhua]

The 3,000-ton-class Haijian 50 will visit Rixiang Rock, Suyan Rock and the offshore oil and gas fields of Chunxiao and Pinghu, as well as China-Japan joint development zones, said Liu Zhendong, head of the East China Sea fleet of China Marine Surveillance, a paramilitary maritime law enforcement agency.

The Chinese-manufactured vessel, a heavyweight compared to the more commonly used 1,000-ton-class patrol ships, is equipped with China's most advanced marine technology and is capable of accommodating China's Z9A helicopters, Liu said.

China has 32,000 km of coastline. The total area of its territorial seawater, continental shelf and exclusive economic zone, which is recognized under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, is 3 million square km.

China's 2010 Ocean Development Report released last May said the country's maritime rights and interests face a complicated situation and safety threats, including terrorism, disputes over maritime resources and sovereignty and sea delimitation.

China sends leading patrol ship to E China Sea

China's largest patrol ship, ready for its maiden voyage, is anchored at the port in Shanghai, Dec 13, 2011. [Photo/Xinhua]