PLA brooks no corrupt figures

2014-11-28 19:56:05

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) is getting tougher on corruption, reflecting the Party's resolution to "purify" the army.

PLA opens bidding to lower costs

2014-11-26 05:08:46

The People's Liberation Army is inviting private enterprises to bid on its training-related contracts, an unprecedented move to optimize the military budget and boost participation of the private sector.

Regional military chiefs hail Beijing's security proposal

2014-11-22 06:56:12

China proposed on Friday that disputes in the Asia-Pacific region be tackled by an efficient crisis management and control mechanisms.

Soldiers undergo ski training in snow-covered NE China

2014-11-16 07:59:16

Soldiers of border guard regiment, China's Shenyang Military Region, located in Northeast China near the border with Democratic People's Republic of Korea are seen taking skiing instructions on November 13, 2014.

Trending: Military fans build armored cars

2014-11-15 10:31:50

Four military fans in Shenyang built two armored cars with working cannons.

China army medics join Ebola battle

2014-11-15 07:29:49

A 163-strong military medical team left Beijing for Liberia to help fight against the Ebola virus. It is the first time China has sent a military group to set up an infectious disease hospital overseas.

Xi orders change in oversight of army

2014-11-07 04:15:57

China's top military body took over the People's Liberation Army auditing office on Thursday, Xinhua News Agency reported.

China willing to share anti-terror intelligence

2014-11-05 13:37:05

China is willing to exchange counter-terrorism intelligence and carry out joint anti-terror operations with other countries at a proper time, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

Anti-drone weapon passes its shooting test

2014-11-04 07:24:20

The Low Altitude Sentinel system can shoot down small aircraft within a 2-km radius within five seconds of detecting its target.

Border soldiers train in snow

2014-11-02 10:34:51

Soldiers deployed on the border in Heihe, Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, train in snow on Oct 31.

Xi stresses CPC's absolute leadership over army

2014-11-02 08:18:59

President Xi Jinping said the army is under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of China and the principle should always be firmly upheld.

Xi urges serious reflection on Xu Caihou's case

2014-11-01 18:54:11

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for serious reflection on the discipline and law violations by former Central Military Commission (CMC) Vice Chairman Xu Caihou.