Policies, principles of armed forces' employment

2013-04-16 11:06:52

A white paper issued Tuesday by the State Council Information Office introduced the fundamental policies and principles followed by the diversified employment of China's armed forces.

Navy safeguards int'l sea lines

2013-04-16 11:03:01

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy has worked to safeguard the security of international sea lines of communication, according to a white paper issued Tuesday by the State Council Information Office.

China discloses how PLA troops are formed

2013-04-16 10:52:36

A white paper issued Tuesday discloses, for the first time, how the army, navy, air force and the second artillery corps of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) are formed.

China issues defense white paper

2013-04-16 10:30:11

China on Tuesday issued a white paper on national defense elaborating its new security concept and peacetime employment of armed forces.
Full Text Navy safeguards int'l sea lines
China faces multiple, complicated security threats
Policies, principles of armed forces' employment

Naval escort fleet arrives for visit to Portugal

2013-04-15 23:35:11

The 13th escort taskforce of the Chinese navy arrived in Lisbon, capital of Portugal on Monday, for a five-day goodwill visit to the country.

Chinese navy concludes visit to Morocco

2013-04-14 10:49:54

The 13th Escort Taskforce of the Chinese navy on Saturday ended a five-day visit to Morocco.

No military buildup on China-DPRK border

2013-04-12 13:58:41

The Ministry of National Defense on Friday denied foreign reports that the People's Liberation Army (PLA) is building up on the country's border with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Chinese navy starts visit to Morocco

2013-04-10 03:52:40

The 13th Escort Taskforce of the Chinese navy on Tuesday arrived in Casablanca, the largest city of Morocco, beginning a five-day visit to the country.

Sci-tech, talents stressed for military

2013-04-07 21:22:34

A senior Chinese military official has urged that more talents be fostered and scientific research deepened in the military field to build strong support for the country's military construction and battle capabilities.

Military names jet pilots killed in training

2013-04-04 01:31:44

The People's Liberation Army air force on Tuesday night released the identities of the two pilots killed in a fighter jet crash on Sunday in Shandong province.

China, US to deepen military ties

2013-04-03 14:44:36

Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Chang Wanquan and US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel vowed on Wednesday to advance military ties between their countries.

ATT should be reached through consensus: China

2013-04-03 11:10:28

China insisted that the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which regulates international trade in conventional weapons, should be reached through consensus and accepted by all parties.