Navy lauded for foiling pirates

2013-12-26 01:41:02

In his 201-day stint fighting pirates in the Gulf of Aden in 2012, Cheng Wengang said the most intense mission was picking up 26 hostages who were released after being kidnapped for 19 months.

Frugal but close civilian-army ties urged

2013-12-25 19:10:17

Chinese authorities have called for frugal but effective activities to boost relations between civilians and the army during the upcoming holidays.

China, Malaysia eye closer military ties

2013-12-25 14:14:15

China and Malaysia on Tuesday agreed to strengthen military cooperation through joint drills and exchanges between the two naval forces.

China to improve security at military sites

2013-12-23 22:17:01

A draft amendment to improve security at military facilities went on the table for its first reading by China's top legislature on Monday.

China-Pakistan nuclear co-op 'peaceful'

2013-12-23 22:05:52

Cooperation between China and Pakistan on nuclear energy is for exclusively peaceful purposes and in the interests of local people, said a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on Monday

Navy: Liaoning's combat capability tested

2013-12-22 23:21:44

China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, has conducted more than 100 tests and training tasks since early December, when it began a training mission in the South China Sea, the navy said on Sunday.

Chinese military lashes out at Japanese defense documents

2013-12-21 01:56:49

Chinese military on Friday accused Japan of using the pretext of safeguarding its own national security and regional peace for military expansion.

China, Russia to lift bilateral military co-op

2013-10-31 04:19:15

Senior Chinese and Russian officials pledged Wednesday to lift the level of bilateral military cooperation.

Naval drill continues despite disturbance

2013-10-28 13:19:14

Flotillas attached to the Beihai, Donghai and Nanhai Fleets proceeded with exercises in the west Pacific on Sunday despite foreign disturbance.

Japan's 'active pacifism' raises concerns

2013-10-28 07:01:30

Experts fear Tokyo's proposal is an attempt to gain offensive capability

Nuclear submarine fleet comes of age

2013-10-27 23:04:37

China's nuclear submarine fleet has had a remarkable safety record for more than 40 years and gained rich experience through rigorous training and drills, its fleet commanders said.

China and India sign 'landmark' border pact

2013-10-24 10:21:08

China and India made a major step forward in their ties on Wednesday with an agreement on border defense cooperation and measures to promote regional economic integrity.