Inside the musician's mind

Updated: 2013-07-12 07:40

(China Daily)

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Q+A | Lang Lang

Your favorite virtue?


Your favorite qualities in a man?


Your favorite qualities in a woman?

Inside the musician's mind

Gentle and kind.

What you appreciate the most in your friends?

Willing to help those in need.

If you can talk to a late master of your field, who would he/she be?

Vladimir Horowitz.

If not yourself, who would you be?

The saddest thing for any person is not having the courage to be oneself.

Your heroes in real life?

A hero may not have great achievements, but anyone who transcends oneself is a hero.

The natural talent you would like to be gifted with?

Inside the musician's mind

The talent I crave the most is to bundle up every talent with opportunities.

If there is one thing you want to change about yourself, what would it be?

No need to get over jetlag.

(China Daily USA 07/12/2013 page14)