Updated: 2013-07-15 07:13

(China Daily)

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Shocking revelation on smog

Comment on "Summer smog will become common, experts say" (China Daily, July 10)

I was saddened to read that "summer smog will become common" in Beijing. Since when did we start taking air pollution for granted? Isn't it ridiculous that the media keep reporting and the public keeps complaining about air pollution but the air quality continues to worsen?

When experts say that air pollution will continue and become common, do they mean people have to breathe poisonous air day after day? And I doubt the authenticity of experts' contention that summer smog doesn't mean air pollution is worsening.

I have been living in Beijing for many years and until a few years ago summers used to be smog free. What makes me really sad is that the measures taken by the authorities to fight air pollution haven't been effective.

When air pollution worsens in some countries, the authorities reduce the number of vehicles on roads to clear the air. As the experts were quoted as having said in the article, reducing emission is the only way to curb Beijing's air pollution.

I understand it's hard to control emissions because it is related to the interests of many people and sectors. But for the sake of people's health, the authorities should take measures that will actually reduce pollution.

Ma Xinmin, via e-mail

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