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Updated: 2013-07-18 08:13

(China Daily)

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Photo: In Zhaoxian county, Hebei province, home address numbers are marked using big mahjong tiles. Some criticized it as advocating gambling, but others appreciate the creativity.

Bilingual: They are of different generations and from different Americas, their political lives separated by philosophy and circumstance. But Monday at the White House, President Obama and former president George H.W. Bush and their families united under the banner of volunteerism.

Buzzword: Champagne problems are problems of the rich and famous that we would all be so lucky to have, like having to decide between two completely awesome things that both lead to an ideal outcome.

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Chinese economy: Where is the end of the slump in gold prices? Chinese buyers have been rushing to buy gold in jewelry stores as prices have slumped since April. However, the purchase frenzy among Chinese buyers, most of whom are reportedly middle-aged women, did not stop the overwhelming trend of gold price volatility, and the overall persistent retreat of the metal's price has resulted in hefty paper losses for many buyers. Join our online discussion and share your view.

(China Daily USA 07/18/2013 page3)