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Updated: 2013-07-24 07:20

(China Daily)

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Photo: A man jumps in a fountain of Trocadero Square in front of the Eiffel Tower as hot summer temperatures continue in Paris on Monday.

Bilingual: Retailers in the United Kingdom are trying a new technology that will allow them to identify VIP shoppers and big spenders in order to offer a more personalized service. The technology, created by Cambridge-based company NEC IT Solutions, helps shop employees to offer more personalized service - and not miss potentially lucrative sales - for famous or wealthy big spenders, the Sunday Times reported.

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Buzzword: Microlife is a unit of life invented by David Spiegelhalter, a statistician at the University of Cambridge. Calculating that the average life spans about 80 years, Spiegelhalter divided that time up for adults 35 and older into nearly a million half hours, and assigned each 30 minute period to be 1 microlife.

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Blog: Blogger Kiyer recorded his experience of taking his son to an Australian soccer game. One of the first lessons he taught his son in their many visits was: "Don't cry and get upset, son. It is only a game. I want you to learn to handle it well when your team loses." Their favorite team loses the match, and the son consoles his father over the loss.

(China Daily USA 07/24/2013 page3)