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Updated: 2013-07-31 07:38

(China Daily)

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Photo: A man jumps from the Old Bridge into the river Neretva in Mostar of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday. Diving competitions have been traditionally held here every year since the bridge was built 447 years ago. A total of 53 participants attended the event.

Bilingual: US President Barack Obama hosted Hillary Clinton, his 2008 presidential campaign foe who later served as his secretary of state, at lunch on Monday at the White House. A White House spokesman said it was "largely friendship ... on the agenda" for the private meeting.

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Blog: Hated by street vendors, despised by many and often maligned in the media, China's low-level urban management officers, chengguan, have a bad reputation. Blogger lihanwen believes changing the way the urban management system works is key to rebuilding the image of chengguan.

(China Daily USA 07/31/2013 page3)