Q+A: Zhang Zhao

Updated: 2013-08-08 06:38

(China Daily)

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Q+A: Zhang Zhao

What are the biggest legacies you think you have gained from your experience at Enlight Pictures?

They are self-confidence in starting a new company totally from nothing, the corporate spirit of keeping things unpretentious and simple and my knowledge of traditional media.

Wang Changtian, president of Enlight Media and I started Enlight Pictures in 2006. We have made it one of the major players in the market within four to five years.

It is quite normal to be questioned during the initial stage of a new company. Since I've experienced the same thing, I can keep calm and stay composed when faced with these doubts now.

I always think highly of Enlight's corporate style of being unpretentious and simple. Because Enlight started with the TV shows, I know the advantages and disadvantages of traditional media.

What are the major elements that will exert a profound influence on China's film industry's prospects?

The major two factors are the Internet and internationalization. As we can see, the Internet has already changed the way people live and consume dramatically. The effect can be found in almost every industry.

In your opinion, what is a really valuable business model?

A really valuable business model will definitely be beyond our understanding for a long time because it is preparing for the future and aimed at the future.

How would you describe your current working conditions with Le Vision Pictures?

I have never had things this way in my time before Le Vision Pictures, which is the best spell of my career, one in which everything is going my way.

Currently, who are your company's biggest competitors?

The biggest competitors are ourselves. Over the years I have insisted the growth engine of a corporation should be innovation rather than competition.

What's the secret of building good partnerships with Hollywood major businesses?

It's important to keep your word.

What was your incentive in carrying out the partnership with Radical Studios?

We had two purposes: how Chinese culture elements could go global with a global visual language and how the product brand driven by visual images could create derived value.

In terms of working with Hollywood filmmakers, what is the most significant part and why?

Building commercial trust is the most significant part because it makes a big difference whether you have that trust or not when it comes to the company's business layout.

Who are your favorite directors?

Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee and Oliver Stone.

Can you tell us the movies you liked that you watched in the first half of this year?

Quentine Tarantino's Django Unchained, Chinese actress-turned-director Zhao Wei's So Young and the French movie Amour.

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