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Updated: 2013-09-05 07:42

(China Daily)

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Coal mine blast death toll hits 6

The death toll from a coal mine gas blast rose to six after five more bodies were recovered, mine sources said on Wednesday. A total of 215 miners were working underground at the Bailongshan coal mine in Fuyuan county when the accident occurred at around 4 am on Sunday. One miner was killed and eight others were missing after the incident, while the other miners were lifted out.


Thief held afteract of kindness

A man who stole an electric bike in Funan county was arrested after he called the owner to return a college admission notice he found on the bike, reported. The bike was stolen on Aug 29. The next day, the thief called the owner, a student surnamed Li, and arranged a meeting to return the admission notice. Li seized the thief and sent him to police.


30,000 kg of fish dead over pollution

Ammonia discharged by a chemical plant in Wuhan since Monday has killed a large number of fish in several sections of the Fuhe River, local authorities said. Around 30,000 kg of dead fish has been cleared from the river in the suburbs of Wuhan, the local government said. The plant's operations have been suspended.

Wanderer seeks his identity in jail

A 25-year-old man from northeastern China has been in jail four times just to find a legal identity. The man has been roaming Wuhan since he was 5. He doesn't know his name, birthday or hometown. The young man only remembers the names of his father and grandfather. Police are searching for clues about his family based on the information he has provided.


Man tries to donate body after suicide

A man in Hangzhou texted police to donate his body and organs to charity before committing suicide, Xinhua News Agency reported on Wednesday. The man, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, was later found hanging from an outdoor air conditioning unit outside his house, police said. His family contacted the local Red Cross but failed to make the donation as he had not applied in advance and did not undertake the necessary check-up.


Drug trafficking network cracked

A drug dealing network that spanned five provinces has been cracked, police said on Wednesday. Shaanxi police said it arrested 34 suspects and 68 drug users, with more than 30 kg of drugs seized. The network was spread across Guangdong, Hunan, Anhui, Zhejiang and Shaanxi provinces.


Two boys drown in quarry pit

Two 13-year-old boys in Fangshan district drowned in a quarry pit, Beijing News reported on Wednesday. The boys, both sixth-graders, had been playing on the banks of the Beijuma River after school on Monday. The director of the local village committee said that it was difficult to supervise the pit because it is under the jurisdiction of Hebei province.


Students treated for food poisoning

More than 60 students from a primary school in Baise contracted food poisoning and were hospitalized on Wednesday, local authorities said. The students began showing symptoms of stomach pains and diarrhea about 3 am, sources with the local government said. Most of them had been discharged from the hospital by Wednesday evening, but 18 remained hospitalized for further observation.


Two officials under investigation

An investigation into Jin Xiaoming, president of Hunan First Normal University, and Liao Hongyuan, former Party chief of Hunan Industry Polytechnic, is underway, Hunan Party Commission for Discipline Inspection said. Jin and Liao both had previously held chief positions at Hunan Industry Polytechnic.

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Falcons are exhibited at the launch ceremony of a falconry cultural association in Jilin city, Jilin province, on Tuesday. More than 300 households of the Manchu ethnic group in the province still practice falconry, an intangible cultural heritage that dates back nearly 1,000 years. Photo by Sun Zhijun / for China Daily

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