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An abundance of riches

Updated: 2014-09-12 07:00
By Xu Junqian (Shanghai Star)

An abundance of riches

Egg custard with crab roe [Photo provided to Shanghai Star]

An abundance of riches

Getting into the chef's head

An abundance of riches

Fry up,slim down 

The six-course set menu is full of surprises, offering the palate a roller-coaster ride with both heavy and light flavors. Among the appetizing platters, for example, the Shanghai scallion pancake topped with plum-jelly-coated foie gras mousse marks a good start.

The sour plum gives a wake-up call to the palate, while the golden fried crispy Shanghai pancake and foie gras satisfy the palate. For the main courses, the signature soy sauced pork belly is upgraded to an even higher level of sumptuousness, paired with abalone and black truffle. But the best part is the steamed rice, having soaked up all of the sauces.

The boiled and sliced water bamboo with shrimp in broth is the chef’s playful adaptation of the traditional shredded dry bean curd in broth. The dessert is a standout, especially among the usual Shanghainese desserts featuring little else but glutinous rice balls and osmanthus in fermented rice wine.

The Shanghai streetside breakfast, soybean milk and fried dough stick have been creatively combined into one dessert. The soy milk ice cream is scooped in a tea cup with slices of sugar frosted dough stick, like croutons. Just as Chef Lu defined, it’s desirably unhealthy.


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