Civil servants' working hours cut unfair

Updated: 2013-07-12 22:58


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Some civil servants in Wuhan, Hubei province, are reported to be working just six hours a day. They should not enjoy such a privilege, said a comment in Beijing News (excerpts below).

How many hours do you work every day?

This question has become popular on micro blogs, and some officials in Wuhan, Hubei province have given their answer: six.

A media report has shown a photograph of the work schedule of an urban management bureau in Wuhan, according to which the officials' office hours would be reduced even further in the summer.

It is a general practice to cut the working hours of outdoor workers as the weather becomes hot.

However, what these officials in Wuhan have done is unfair. Most of them work in air-conditioned rooms that are not affected by external temperature changes.

Besides, by cutting their office hours they might prolong waiting times, thus bringing further inconvenience to those actually requiring their assistance.

These officials in Wuhan are abusing their power.

Urban management departments should consider the interests of all, instead of using their power to benefit themselves.

In fact, many street cleaners and migrant construction workers who are the direct victims of high temperatures often find it hard to get the high-temperature allowances they are entitled to.

These officials should do their duty by helping these workers get what's due to them instead of cutting their own working hours.