Development is a global priority

Updated: 2013-07-16 18:24


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If the ruling party's main concern is people's votes, it will not prioritize development in its agenda, and domestic politics will become a clique conflicts, said an article in People's Daily (excerpts below).

From North America to South America, from Europe to North Africa, social chaos is provoking feelings of insecurity in people, causing them to think more about the significance of development.

All of those countries experiencing turmoil have failed to solve the problem of development. Regaining stability is the top priority for many turbulent nations.

The political system is an important factor of relevance to stability. Some developing countries have transplanted political systems from developed countries, and national interests are held hostage to party politics.

Every government has the tasks of boosting economic growth and improving the living standards of people in its own country. There is no universal system that fits every nation's conditions.

China's development over the past 30 years or more is not as smooth as the figures suggest. The Chinese government has successfully overcome one difficulty after another because of its confidence in its system and its respect to people's interests.

The pursuit of rapid high-quality development is a key point of national consensus in China. The recent history of China also indicates that without development, neither China nor the world can enjoy lasting peace.