Fighting corruption the right way

Updated: 2013-08-06 10:05

(China Daily)

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The Hunan Party commission for discipline inspection's new draft regulation that bans officials from accepting gifts (read bribes) at birthday parties and family members' weddings and funerals shows the department's determination to eliminate corruption. About 90 percent of the 7,361 people who responded to an online survey supported the move, although some considered it an infringement upon privacy rights, says an article on Excerpts:

Party officials should abide by the law and Party discipline. Even though the draft regulation has wide public support, corruption cannot be eradicated by just passing it.

Besides, the ban imposed by the draft regulation is not all encompassing. For example, the regulation makes some exception for special occasions. If local authorities want the regulation to be really effective, it should be devoid of any loopholes.

The Hunan Party commission for discipline inspection should enforce the ban, because officials have been using all sorts of excuses to organize banquets in recent years, which not only goes against social values, but also is a drain on precious public funds. The ban should, however, be accompanied with strict supervision.

To expect local officials to gradually adapt to and accept the new regulation is easy. But corruption is more deep rooted that we can imagine. Since discipline inspection departments cannot impose a ban on all banquets that can be used as an opportunity by officials to take bribes, a simple but effective way to root out corruption is to strictly enforce the law without having too many supplementary regulations.