US sees China's rise as no threat

Updated: 2011-09-13 06:28


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WASHINGTON - The United States does not see China's rise as a threat, nor does it seek to contain the Asian nation's ascent, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Monday.

"As you know, we welcome the rise of a prosperous, successful China that plays a growing role in world affairs, consistent with global rules, global norms and institutions, and a China that's committed to advancing a positive bilateral relationship with us," Nuland said, in response to a question about a white paper issued by China last week on its peaceful development.

"We don't see China's rise as a threat, nor do we seek to contain China's rise," she said.

She also said that any statement by China "where it elaborates its intentions geostrategically" is welcome. "But we continue to hope that we can have more military transparency," she added.

US Vice President Joe Biden, who made an official visit to China last month, wrote in The New York Times last week that he remained  convinced that a successful China could make the US more prosperous, as trade and investment have bound the two countries together, and they share "common challenges and responsibilities" on issues from global security to global economic growth and have incentives to work together.