Flight cabin turns to sauna

Updated: 2015-05-25 11:09


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Flight cabin turns to sauna

A sign for premarital check-ups at a marriage registration office. [Photo/IC]

Woman's hymen breaks at premarital check-up

A woman who intended to keep her virginity until her wedding night "lost" it at a premarital check-up, Guangzhou Daily reported on Sunday.

Wang, a 22-year-old woman in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, holds traditional beliefs and declined to have sex before marriage, as virginity is considered a symbol of purity in traditional Chinese culture. Her boyfriend also agreed with her.

After the pair decided to get married, they went through a premarital check-up, after which Wang found herself bleeding. It turned out that her hymen was broken by the doctor's equipment.

Wang was so mad that she called the police. With mediation, the doctor was willing to compensate her and further negotiation is underway.

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