Flight cabin turns to sauna

Updated: 2015-05-25 11:09


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Flight cabin turns to sauna

A baby laughs while being raised high by his mother. [Photo/CFP]

Teasing babies can be harmful

Chinese people love to tease babies, but they may have to rethink this practice, as it has led to harm in several cases.

A baby was diagnosed with alcoholic dementia, having sustained brain damage after his uncle fed him some homemade wine to tease him in Guangxi province recently, according to cnr.cn.

This is not the first time such tragedies have happened in China. Some Chinese people often express their love for babies through teasing them, seldom thinking about the possible physical and mental harm if their behavior is not appropriate.

In fact, babies should be respected as much as adults. Experts suggest learning from other cultures and balancing expressing love with behaving appropriately towards a baby.

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