Unusual but true: 'Love' conquers all

Updated: 2015-07-24 10:42


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Computer geeks turn to witchcraft to solve glitches; no avoiding selfies as presidential race hots up; two-legged Chihuahua thinks he's a kangaroo and beluga has a whale of a time during heat wave. Interesting, red-hot and downright odd anecdotes from around the world in our news review of the week.

US teens on selfie mission of presidential proportions

Unusual but true: 'Love' conquers all

Republican hopeful Chris Christie poses with Emma Nozell in Nashua, New Hampshire, US, July 2, 2015. [Photo/IC]

Two tenacious teenagers from the United States - armed just with their trusty phone - are on a mission to snap a selfie with every 2016 presidential hopeful.

The two New Hampshire siblings, 17-year-old Addy and 15-year-old sister Emma, are not even old enough to vote, but their Twitter page is gaining attention.

Starting with Chris Christie, they've snagged photos with 15 so far, including Jeb Bush, Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham - twice. Even self proclaimed selfie hater, Ben Carson, was no match for their charms.

"Selfies are the cool new thing. It's what politicians' kids are doing, it's what young voters, who they want to attract, are doing and it's sort of this authentic slice of life," the New York Times wrote.

Unusual but true: 'Love' conquers all

Emma and Addy Nozell take a selfie with 2016 presidential aspirant Carly Fiorina. [Photo/IC]

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