Messy dorm earns grueling punishinment for college students

Updated: 2015-09-18 13:15


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Messy dorm earns grueling punishinment for college students

A photo of Jiumei.[Photo/Sina Weibo]

Selling 'good night' to strangers

Don't have someone to tell "good night"? Then try to buy one! A woman in Guangzhong, Guangdong province will text "good night" to people for one yuan per message sent, reported on Thursday.

Four years ago, Jiumei, an office worker, began to sell "good night" messages to strangers, which she said is a way to let more people interact, and the messages can be sent to her or other strangers. "As urban life is getting more and more impersonal, some exquisite daily rituals are needed, like a 'good night' to your friends", she said.

So she posted her "product" on an online shop, with the saying headline "If you don't have someone to say good night". She's earned 3,000 yuan by selling the "good night" text messages.

According to Jiumei, most of the messages are relevant to love, while others buy the messages only out of curiosity, which makes her a little annoyed. "I don't want to send 'good night' to people who're not really needing the attention," she said.

Jiumei said she will keep her business going and welcomes more people to join in.

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