China expects proper solution to stabbing incident

Updated: 2011-12-14 14:05


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BEIJING - A Chinese fishing captain has fatally stabbed a South Korean coast guard after they stopped his boat for illegally fishing in South Korean waters. This incident is drawing lots of attention in both countries.

One dead and one injured. The fight had a result that no one wants to see. A South Korean officer recalled how things happened.

Ahn Sung-Shik, chief of Incheon Coastguard Investigation Dpt, said, "At around 06:25 am we captured a Chinese fishing boat operating illegally. We were able to suppress eight Chinese crew members who resisted strongly. However, at about 06:59 am, the captain of the boat, who was in the steering house, stabbed two of our coastguard officers with an unidentified weapon, killing one and injuring the other."

The incident immediately escalated to the diplomatic level. The Chinese side hoped for a proper solution.

Liu Weimin, spokesperson of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, "China's fishing authorities have taken measures to strengthen efforts to instruct fishermen with laws and to tighten regulations on vessels fishing in the sea to prohibit cross-border fishing and irregularities. Meanwhile, we hope South Korea will fully protect Chinese fishermen's rights and treat them in a humane way."

The captain, along with eight other Chinese fishermen is now under custody. The case may be forwarded to the South Korean prosecutors' office.