Beijing needs 2.5m more parking lots

Updated: 2013-07-02 22:15


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In the next two years, the city will need a great number of parking spaces for at least 2.5 million cars, according to a joint analysis in Beijing.

By the end of May 2013, more than 5.31 million vehicles were owned and operated in the streets and that number grew at a rate of nearly 20,000 vehicles per month.

Along with the heavy traffic congestion, the lack of parking lots have been a development woe for the city. By 2010, there were about 2.17 million parking spaces, including 1.39 million in parking lots and 0.78 million in residential areas.

Inadequate lot designs are said to be the main reason for the parking difficulties. Some experts suggest opening government or private parking areas to the public for use during the daytime.