Jewelry designer reaches for a bit of Chinese bling

Updated: 2013-08-11 08:29

By Liu Lu (China Daily)

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Fennell carries a sketch-book with him wherever he travels, adding that many of his designs are inspired by the details of life.

Fennell has turned his attention to China in recent years, not just because "Chinese love fine craftsmanship.

"China is such a huge market, the same as four times Europe, so you have to look at it in a number of ways, and be careful in drawing up business plans."

Jewelry designer reaches for a bit of Chinese bling

Now Theo Fennell jewelry has a presence at Lane Crawford in Beijing and Hong Kong and plans to partner with other upmarket department stores to expand its operations in China.

"There is certainly a much more subtle way for Western and Eastern jewelers to work together than much of what is being done now," he says.

Fennell says he is very impressed by China's jewelry industry and believes the country will produce world-class jewelers.

"China is an emerging nation with strong culture, so Chinese designers should not be in blind pursuit of Western design, but should integrate their own cultural aspects into their designs."

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