China watches for Japan's security, defense plans

Updated: 2013-12-11 21:10


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BEIJING - China is watching closely Japan's security strategy and latest defense plan, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Japan released drafts of its first national security strategy and a long-term defense guideline, which promised to "respond calmly and resolutely to the rapid expansion and step-up of China's maritime and air activities."

The drafts said the Japanese government should step up its maritime defense in the southwestern, following China's declaration of the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

China's normal growth of national defense capacity does not pose a threat to any country, Hong said, reaffirming China's peaceful development path and defense policies in defensive nature.

"China advocates resolving territorial and maritime disputes through dialogue and negotiation. Meanwhile, we will never allow any country to infringe upon China's territorial sovereignty," Hong said.

Hong refuted Japan's groundless charge, saying "Japan has hidden political agendas in hyping up the so-called China threat."

He urged Japan to prioritize its neighbors' concerns, follow the trend of the times and take a peaceful development road so as to improve China-Japan ties and maintain regional peace and stability.

Asked to comment on Japan's claims that China changed the status quo by establishing the ADIZ, Hong denounced it was Japan itself that stirred up trouble over the Diaoyu Islands and East China Sea and Japan's accusation  is "wrong and baseless."

China's ADIZ is in line with international law and norms, Hong said.

China is willing to keep in touch with relevant parties over technical issues and to maintain flight safety and order on the basis of equality and mutual respect, he said.

He urged Japan to correct its attitude and stop provocation in order to create conditions for managing disputes through dialogue.