China guarantees subsidies to the poor

Updated: 2013-12-25 21:59


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BEIJING -- Chinese government on Wednesday vowed to improve its subsistence allowance policies so that they reach the disadvantaged.

Improving the social security system will not only boost social justice, but encourage more people to make changes and start their own careers, said a statement issued after an executive meeting of the State Council, the country's Cabinet, presided over by Premier Li Keqiang.

Inspections to check the implementation of the policy this year found that although the allowances have benefited as many as 74 million people, there are problems, including insufficient funds, sluggish management and lack of follow-up.

Reforms should ensure that the disadvantaged can live with dignity and their living is safeguarded, the statement said. To achieve this, the first step is to ensure implementation. Applicant information should be more transparent to avoid fraud.

The whole system could be improved by a temporary relief mechanism  to help families who find themselves in sudden difficulties, it said.

The meeting also discussed a social relief draft, which will soon go before the public to solicit opinion.