China to publicize info about spokespersons for almost 3,000 courts

Updated: 2014-10-11 20:50


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BEIJING - China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) on Saturday said it will publicize information on 3,281 spokespersons for 2,995 courts at various levels across the country.

Sun Jungong, spokesperson of the SPC, said at an event marking the fifth anniversary of SPC's news briefing system that as of September, a total of 2,995 courts have spokespersons, including the SPC, 31 higher courts, 383 intermediate courts and 2,580 basic courts.

Sun added that the information of the spokespersons will be released through the SPC website, encouraging people to contact them.

The SPC in May 2009 established monthly press briefings, with 97 press conferences held since then. The system acts as an important platform for information disclosure by the SPC.

Zhou Qiang, president of the SPC, said at the event that the system showed China's openness, transparency and progress in judicial affairs.

He called for courts to take advantage of new media and study both judicial work and the people's information demand to make judicial work more transparent.