Trending: Hangzhou man licks out painting

Updated: 2014-11-24 11:25


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Trending: Hangzhou man licks out painting

The last few contestants hold out for the final rounds in a Chongqing blank stare competition, Nov 23. [Photo/IC]


Blank stare competition winner gets iPhone 6

A college senior won the top prize, an iPhone 6, in a blank stare competition in Chongqing by holding out for four hours, Chongqing Evening news reported.

More than two hundred people participated in the contest, during which they were required to sit or lie down and stare ahead blankly, instead of moving, laughing or talking. The event organizers sent cartoon mascots, had a sexy girl dance before them and good food to distract the contestants. The cold weather also caused some contestants to give up.

The student, Huang Zunhang, 21, said he majors in architecture and that the time-consuming practice of drafting architecture drawings had built up his patience.

The game originated in Korea and encourages people to live a slower-paced life.