TV drama hides assets of actresses

Updated: 2015-01-03 14:42


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TV drama hides assets of actresses

Screen shots after the show resumed broadcasting, left, and before it was taken off air, right. [Photo/Weibo]

TV drama hides assets of actresses

Chinese TV drama fans vented their anger online after a hot royal-themed play returned to the screens but was filled with close-up shots of actresses' faces.

The Saga of Wu Zetian was called off by authorities earlier but resumed broadcasting on Thursday. To viewers' surprise, the shots that exposed the cleavage were replaced with the close-up of faces. Only a few wide-angle shots survived.

A microblogger, using a name Leehaesung_Fighting, questioned the logic behind covering up the beauty of the original low-cut dresses of Tang dynasty (AD 618-907).

Another netizen, called Chenaguai, said he/she will not love the drama anymore as it has lost its aesthetic values.

TV drama hides assets of actresses

The heroine's cleavage and the head of an actor were both cut in this shot. [Photo/Weibo]

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